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Presentation of our organic silica

We are delighted to present to you our food supplement based on organic silica, a product added to the basket which offers the possibility of choosing one gift per order. Made from ingredients of natural origin, this supplement is not tested on animals and complies with current French and European regulations. The exact composition for 20 ml of the product is indicated further down in this article.

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Natural origin of ingredients

This food supplement draws its strength from the elements that nature offers us. The ingredients used are carefully selected to guarantee their natural origin and optimal quality.

Compliance with French and European regulations

Our organic silica scrupulously complies with French and European standards in terms of manufacturing, labeling and distribution. We strive to offer a product that is safe, effective and complies with legal requirements.

Benefits of organic silica on the body

Silica is essential for the proper functioning of the human body. It participates in particular in supporting tissues (muscles, bones, cartilage) as well as in the synthesis of collagen necessary for the elasticity of the skin. The importance of silicon increases with age, as its concentration naturally decreases over the years.

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EASA recommendations

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) recommends an assimilable form of silica to ensure its effectiveness in the body. Our food supplement meets this requirement by offering a silicon concentration of 1000 mg/l.

What is silica and how is it formed?

Silica is a chemical compound consisting of one silicon atom and two oxygen atoms, forming silicon dioxide (SiO2). It is mainly found in mineral form in the earth’s crust and is also involved in the constitution of living organisms. Organic silica is a bioavailable form of silicon dioxide, linked to organic molecules such as amino acids or polyphenols.

Advice for daily use and specific precautions

To fully benefit from the benefits of our food supplement based on organic silica, we recommend:

  • Take 20 ml per day, pure or diluted in a glass of water or juice;
  • Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes;
  • Store the product at room temperature and out of reach of children;
  • Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
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Exact composition for 20 ml of organic silica

To guarantee you total transparency, here is the exact composition of our product for a daily intake of 20 ml:

  • Silicon: 20 mg (i.e. a concentration of 1000 mg/l);
  • Purified water;
  • Silicic acid (bioavailable form of silicon dioxide).

A vegan food supplement not tested on animals

Suitable for vegans

We are proud to announce that our organic silica is ideal for people following a vegan diet. No ingredients of animal origin are used in its manufacture, thus choosing a lifestyle that respects animals and the environment.

Not tested on animals in accordance with European legislation

In compliance with current laws, our food supplement has not been tested on animals. We are committed to offering an ethical and responsible product that meets the expectations of consumers concerned about animal welfare.

Don’t hesitate any longer and add our organic silica to your basket now to benefit from its many benefits! And don’t forget that you also have the option of choosing one gift per order.

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