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What is an ergonomic pillow?

An ergonomic pillow, also called an ergonomic cushion or neck pillow, is a type of pillow specially designed to provide optimal support for the head, neck and shoulders during sleep. Unlike traditional pillows which are often flat and uniform, ergonomic pillows are generally contoured to conform to the natural curves of the body and thus promote a healthier sleeping position.

The benefits of ergonomic pillows

Ergonomic cushions have several advantages over classic models:

  • Cervical support: The main advantage of ergonomic pillows is their ability to provide adequate support to the neck area. This helps prevent muscle pain and migraines caused by poor posture during sleep.
  • Reduction of snoring: By keeping the head and neck in an optimal position, these pillows can help reduce or even eliminate snoring in some people.
  • Maintaining spinal alignment: Proper spinal alignment is essential to avoid various back and neck problems. Ergonomic pillows help maintain this alignment by conforming to the contours of the body.
  • Comfort : Thanks to their specific design, ergonomic cushions provide superior comfort and can improve sleep quality.
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How to choose the right ergonomic pillow model?

To choose the right ergonomic pillow, it is important to take into account your body shape as well as your sleeping preferences:

  • Morphology: Shoulder width is an essential criterion in determining the ideal thickness of the pillow. The wider the shoulders, the thicker the pillow should be to provide optimal support.
  • Sleeping position: Depending on whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach, your pillow needs will differ. A firmer pillow will generally be recommended for side sleepers, while a softer model will be better suited to back or stomach sleepers.
  • Type of filling: There are several types of fillings for ergonomic pillows: memory foam, natural or synthetic latex, microbeads, etc. Each has particular characteristics in terms of support and comfort. Do not hesitate to test several models before making your choice.
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The memory foam pillow: a popular example of an ergonomic pillow

Memory foam pillows are particularly appreciated for their specific benefits in terms of comfort and support:

  • Adaptive support: Memory foam reacts to body heat and weight, allowing it to conform perfectly to the contours of the neck and shoulders. It thus offers tailor-made support, whatever the position adopted during sleep.
  • Even distribution of pressure points: Thanks to its adaptability, memory foam ensures even distribution of pressure points throughout the cushion. This avoids areas of discomfort that could cause neck or back pain.
  • Sustainability : Memory foam pillows generally have a long lifespan thanks to their resistance to deformation and sagging over time.

How to choose the right thickness?

To select the ideal thickness of an ergonomic memory foam pillow, it is again important to evaluate your needs based on the following criteria:

  • Morphology: The wider your shoulders, the thicker your pillow should be to provide good cervical support.
  • Sleeping position: Side sleepers will need a thicker pillow than those who sleep on their back or stomach. An adjustable model can be a good option to accommodate different sleeping positions.
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Tempur®: the inventor of the ergonomic cervical pillow and world reference

The Tempur® company is recognized as the inventor of the ergonomic cervical cushion. Thanks to its in-depth research and expertise in viscoelastic materials, it has developed innovative products offering unparalleled comfort and support. Today, Tempur® pillows are recommended by healthcare professionals around the world for their exceptional quality and proven benefits in preventing neck pain and improving sleep.


To fully benefit from the advantages offered by ergonomic pillows, it is essential to choose the right model according to your body shape and sleeping habits. Memory foam cushions are a great option thanks to their adaptability and durability. Finally, do not hesitate to turn to recognized brands such as Tempur® to guarantee the quality and effectiveness of the chosen product.

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