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Discover anti-tragus piercings at Adamina

Are you looking for an elegant and original way to express yourself while remaining discreet? Do not search anymore ! The anti-tragus piercings available in our Adamina store are made for you. With their uniqueness, the variety of styles offered (from single to double) and their rapid healing capacity, they will complete your look to perfection.

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The uniqueness of anti-tragus piercings

The anti-tragus piercing is an unusual form of ear piercing that is located on the cartilage just in front of the tragus, hence the name. It brings an original touch to your look without being too extravagant. At Adamina, we have selected the best models for you so that each customer can find the one that suits them.

Variety of styles: from single to double

  • Simple anti-tragus piercing: This classic model is perfect for anyone looking to add a discreet touch to their style. Available in several materials (surgical steel, titanium or gold), it adapts to all preferences and budgets.
  • Double anti-tragus piercing: For those who want to go even further in originality, opt for this model composed of two stones or superimposed patterns. It brings an extra touch of elegance to your look and draws more attention to this often neglected part of the ear.
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Fast healing to fully enjoy your anti-tragus piercing

One of the major advantages of the anti-tragus piercing is its ability to heal quickly. In fact, the cartilage located at this location is thinner than that of the classic tragus, which allows for faster and less painful healing. At Adamina, our professional piercers use the most suitable techniques to ensure an optimal healing process.

Harmony with other piercings: create your own style

The anti-tragus piercing goes perfectly with other types of piercings (lobe, helix, conch, etc.). Whether you already have several piercings or want to add more in the future, the anti-tragus will blend harmoniously with your other jewelry to create a coherent and elegant ensemble.

Adapts to different personalities and styles

At Adamina, we know that each person is unique. This is why our range of anti-tragus piercings offers varied models to meet everyone’s tastes and desires. Whether you are more minimalist or extravagant, you will find the model that will perfectly match your personality and ideally complement your style.

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Attractive prices for all budgets: from €25.50 to €34.00

Because we want to make anti-tragus piercing accessible to everyone, our price range extends from €25.50 to €34.00. So, whatever your budget, you can enjoy quality jewelry without breaking the bank.

Adamina: a store dedicated to piercing and customer satisfaction

At Adamina, we pride ourselves on offering quality products and impeccable service. Our professional piercers are there to advise you and carry out your piercings in the best possible conditions. In addition, our jewelry is carefully selected to guarantee its durability and comfort.

Don’t wait any longer to add an original and discreet touch to your style!

Come discover our full range of anti-tragus piercings at Adamina today! Opt for this elegant and original accessory which will highlight your personality while remaining discreet. And don’t forget: with prices ranging from just €25.50 to €34.00, it would be a shame not to take advantage of it!

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